My love for design...

My love for design has lead me in multiple directions, but has finally landed me with my dream job. I worked in commercial design for 3 years, designing corporate offices and selecting furniture for companies all over Atlanta. In May 2013, my husband and I purchased and renovated our first home, the Craigie House. I never knew my passion for residential design until I got to experience it first hand. 8 months and a lot of house hunting later, StudioSD was born when I purchased my first investment home to design and flip.

I started out focusing on renovation projects because I enjoyed keeping original, unique parts of the home as part of the new design. My business has grown over the last few years and I began designing and building new custom homes as well. It takes a village to build a new home- including a contractor, architect, designer, engineer, surveyor, etc.- and it is so important to have professionals you can trust. I have assembled a quality, reliable, and trustworthy team to help ensure we build the highest quality product possible.

I work with both investment home and personal home renovations, using high end materials and finishes for a clean, contemporary design. Please visit the Contact page if you would like more information on my services or have an upcoming project you would like to work together on.

Thank you,
Sarah Roppoli